Got the moves?

Minor/major update.

A lot of people have commented on the movement and controls of the game. From just reviewing Youtube videos it is quite a known fact that "tight" controls are what makes a platformer game good. Currently Celeste seems to be the new indie darling, praised highly for its control. (I do like them but I'm afraid I don't go for the masocore genre - dying a billion times to learn something. I'm a bit more Mario.) On the note of Mario, apparently Nintendo spends months just ironing out his movement mechanics. Something like 20% if the development time? The other game that keeps getting quoted at me is Spelunky which I certainly will have to try.

So, I bit the bullet and reigned in the slippery feel a lot of people were giving me. As well as the "slow" push off when walking. I do think it is coming a lot closer to a good feel. Love to hear your opinions!


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Apr 12, 2018

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