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Spirit of the Wind is a Studio Ghibli inspired adventure platformer.

Follow Fujin, a young Wind Watcher, as he seeks his lost brother, Raijin,  across the lands to warn him of an oncoming catastrophe.

Currently build is what will eventually be the full demo of the game. Demo is complete but I'm afraid to inform readers that this game is in development hiatus because there are some fundamental gameplay considerations that are broken. 

We may pick it up again in the future. Do look forward to more creations from to come!

Thank you for being part of the journey.


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cool game the ending was so wtf, btw I didn't find it broken, I just think it would need some level design reconsiderations, like shorter and smaller levels idk(btw I liked the lava one). It has a nice Avatar air bender feel to it, and definitively has a creative gameplay mechanic. It would benefit of having a simple tutorial like stage, because I didn't find the sword on the first level, had to skip it though.


Lol thanks! Spirit of the Wind is a project I'll have to come back to some day. For now working hard on Alchemist's Mountain.

I love the graphics 👍

lol thanks! My rather early attempt at the platformer genre. 

The graphics are awesome! Though for an action platformer the movements of the player are kinda stiff. It take a long time to accelerate and it doesn't feel that smooth. Also, I love the style of the game!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll try a full speed movement on button press next build and see whether people prefer it :)