The North Wind Strike

Am feeling quite excited for my massive update tomorrow. New levels, new enemies, some level design that I'd love to see how they play out, and some cool new animations. 

One of those animations is the timing for the attack. Initially when I built the game it was a simple bar running under the character that would increase in size and flash red when you could release a critical strike. That looked out of place once I started painting in the graphics. 

Then I tried going for subtlety instead. A little sparkle along the blade was supposed to inform players when to release a critical strike. This proved too subtle. I had a number of responses even asking me what the mechanic behind the critical strike was.  So this took a bit of contemplation on how to fix the issue. I wanted the indicator to be seamless with the graphics and obvious for a player to know what was happening.

Then it occurred to me: Fujin is an incarnation of the wind. So by using compass points with Kanji characters (I understand they are also the same characters in Chinese), I have a indicator that now fits well in with the lore and art. Yay!

Well, I know I can already feel how much easier it is to get a critical. Looking forward to how players find it when I update the game file tomorrow.

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