Finally got it up to scratch

Phew. So all the Youtube videos keep telling me to post up my games early. 

But I really did not feel like posting up rectangles and squares bouncing around one another for people to test out. (I inflicted that upon my younger brothers. I mean being the eldest has to have some benefit right?)

So after some painstaking time of polishing up sprites (and dealing with all the dimensional problems those gave me) then making sure there was enough variety and level design to give a player at least some form of experience even with a demo, I finally achieved a test level that I was happy enough with to put up here on itch.

What were the minimals?

(1) Non-irritating movement controls. - Everyone complained about several control choices I made at the very start. I guess I only grew confident enough to post the game for public testing when everyone stopped the major complaints. 

(2) Level design - I take a bit of pride in my level design.  It kills me a little that I have not fully developed a level that requires no written instructions on how to play the game. 

(3) Variety of gameplay - I refused to put this up until I had at least two variations of enemy to deal with!

(4) As complete graphics as possible. As art and storytelling is my major strength (new to programming and little musical ability)

What to look forward to in the next update?

(1) A whole new level. And obviously level transitioning.

(2) Moving platforms and new blocks

(3) A whole new enemy type that will be very Super Mario inspired. Quite possibly with 3 variations.

(4) A better death and respawn animation.

Hope you'll join me in my journey

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