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cool game the ending was so wtf, btw I didn't find it broken, I just think it would need some level design reconsiderations, like shorter and smaller levels idk(btw I liked the lava one). It has a nice Avatar air bender feel to it, and definitively has a creative gameplay mechanic. It would benefit of having a simple tutorial like stage, because I didn't find the sword on the first level, had to skip it though.


Lol thanks! Spirit of the Wind is a project I'll have to come back to some day. For now working hard on Alchemist's Mountain.

I love the graphics 👍

lol thanks! My rather early attempt at the platformer genre. 

The graphics are awesome! Though for an action platformer the movements of the player are kinda stiff. It take a long time to accelerate and it doesn't feel that smooth. Also, I love the style of the game!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll try a full speed movement on button press next build and see whether people prefer it :)