Full Game available here on Steam.

Extra content in full game:

  •  70 spaced-out levels to solve
  • 6+ new mechanics to learn and challenge players
  • A whole new soundtrack of beating space vibes by Daniel Docherty to bop to
  • Online support informing players of the least number of commands and least number of moves known to solving each level
  • Save-able progress and rewards for clever solutions!

Little Lost Robots is a challenging puzzle game for those who like a good mental workout.

It follows in the footsteps of Zachtronics games such as Opus Magnum and Space Chem. Help the little robots find home by giving them a sequence of commands, pressing play, and hope nothing crashes!

Little Lost Robots was born in the BTP game jam where it won a place in the top selected list. Thanks to much encouragement, it has been developed into a full game!

For members of the press here is our presskit

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Cute, Difficult, GameMaker, Pixel Art, Robots, Sci-fi, Space

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Delete command (right click) is janky on my Macbook using Chrome. 

Love the concept.

Interesting. Game Maker still finds macs difficult to work around I'm afraid

really good game !

Thank you!

Wow, this is an actual game now. This was one of my favorite games of the jam and I am glad it has now been expanded, even if I might not buy it at this time. Good job!

thanks! wait for a sale!

Like this game...good work

Thank you so much!

I love this game :)


Thank you so much! What level have you gotten up to?

I think 8

Keep going! Tell us when you get to the end.

Actually i think ima just play thundertale.

Thundertale the band? Or Thundertale on itch.io? Or Undertale the game (fantastic game btw)?

I really have no idea how to play. I try to use blue up arrow but nothing happens

Hello. Press the blue up arrow. Then press the green play button on the top right hand corner of the screen to start the robot moving.


The demo version doesn't remember where I left off.

Sorry! That function is only in the full game version.

Seems Legit! Kudos!

The game became really good since the last time I played it! Good job, I hope more people will enjoy this chill game :)

Thanks so much!

It's quite nice, but for me there was to little variety between the levels. Also if you complete a level and click replay (instead of next) and than go back to the level selecter, the next level is still locked.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll have that fixed! The full game will have quite a few more mechanics to help that variety along

Hello. I've been trying to trigger the bug you encountered but it doesn't seem to occur. i.e.
(1) Complete the level.
(2) Press retry
(3) Exit via the home button on the upper left hand corner to Mission Select
Entry is still granted to the next level. 

If the bug does recur for you do tell me.

Yeah I tried to recreate the bug again as well, but I didn't encounter it again either.

Thanks for the effort!

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Really good game, I've a similar idea that I was developing for sometime, it has another elements but the core mechanics is the same. I must say that you figure it out better than I, and this game have a solid core mechanic that led to interesting puzzles and consequences. Keep improving the game, and make it to Steam or something, it's worthwhile. Good job!

Thank you so much! IF everything runs to schedule hopefully I'll have this game on Steam in the first quarter of next year XD

Good luck!

Do you have your game posted up here on itch?

yes, a demo, it's called Pickup all the power, i made it in a LD as a test to see if the idea was good enough, but couldn't advance more than that.

I can see the similarities. Originally this game also had the pickup items concept but I whittled that off to just reaching the exit.

Deleted post

Grats on finishing it! That would have been quite an effort

A really nice game with a really nice difficulty curve! I am stuck on the 13th level and im loving it!

Thank you so much. You must tell me if you make it all the way to the end!

now im stuck on level 19...

Did you ever make it to the end? XD

No, but im SO CLOSE! I really love this game! (:

Congrats on winning by the way!

Haha. I won? It was nice to be featured by BTP in his video as one of the awesome games from the jam. Thank you. Hopefully, this is a good start to see this game published fully.

Really cool game! Love it!

Thank you :)

Very nice work. Well done it was a fun time!

Thank you! I'm glad it was fun (haha some people find it frustrating)

Aww, man. This is so cool!

Thank you!

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This white squares, they are too cute to look like robots XD, but good puzzle.

Thanks lol