Picked for awesome games mention in BTP jam. (at 4:04 of the video)

The theme was Game Development. 

I drew inspiration from Zactronic like puzzle games which I love, where trying to code, i.e. lay down a series of commands and then pressing play to see if it crashes, really reminded me of what coding is like for my own games.

Music by Daniel Docherty Music!  Check him out -https://www.danieldocherty.net/

Check out my game devlog below to see my thought process through the game creation.

Updated 19 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withGameMaker: Studio


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Development log


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Really good game, I've a similar idea that I was developing for sometime, it has another elements but the core mechanics is the same. I must say that you figure it out better than I, and this game have a solid core mechanic that led to interesting puzzles and consequences. Keep improving the game, and make it to Steam or something, it's worthwhile. Good job!

Thank you so much! IF everything runs to schedule hopefully I'll have this game on Steam in the first quarter of next year XD

Good luck!

Do you have your game posted up here on itch?

yes, a demo, it's called Pickup all the power, i made it in a LD as a test to see if the idea was good enough, but couldn't advance more than that.

I can see the similarities. Originally this game also had the pickup items concept but I whittled that off to just reaching the exit.

Wow! Really nice game. It was fun to play and one had to finish it after starting to play it.

Grats on finishing it! That would have been quite an effort

A really nice game with a really nice difficulty curve! I am stuck on the 13th level and im loving it!

Thank you so much. You must tell me if you make it all the way to the end!

now im stuck on level 19...

Did you ever make it to the end? XD

No, but im SO CLOSE! I really love this game! (:

Congrats on winning by the way!

Haha. I won? It was nice to be featured by BTP in his video as one of the awesome games from the jam. Thank you. Hopefully, this is a good start to see this game published fully.

Really cool game! Love it!

Thank you :)

Very nice work. Well done it was a fun time!

Thank you! I'm glad it was fun (haha some people find it frustrating)

Aww, man. This is so cool!

Thank you!

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This white squares, they are too cute to look like robots XD, but good puzzle.

Thanks lol