Yay - I managed to finish the game for Extra Credits Game Jam.

This game is best played by two players. 

The theme for the jam was "Present". Obviously there are gifts in the jam. But I like to think I got the theme at a deeper level. The game is definitely intended to create a social interaction between two people, thus bringing presence of each other, is in the spirit of the video Extra Credits linked to the theme of the jam.

Hope you guys have fun.

Thanks a lot to my musician Daniel Docherty for the extra effort he really put into getting the music for the game done. Do check out his stuff - https://www.danieldocherty.net/. He's an awesome musician.

And especial thanks to my wife! Whom without, my two year old would have deprived me of sleep and work time. She is a wonderful being to have in my life. 

Things that I would have added/improved had I the time:
(a) reduced the amount RNG can sometimes make a level really hard. Fortunately as a party game I don't feel this is too bad a thing at current.
(b) added another mechanic - mousetraps, where if one player steps on it the other has to come free them.
(c) better indication of when players bump into each other.


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This is a great little game, really well polished and a lot of fun! A lot more elaborate than a first glance would suggest and it has some really great sound design. The co-operative gameplay is really well implemented and challenging. I'd say that the experience of playing the third level  with a loved one is similar to building IKEA furniture with them- a real test of communication and the foundational strength of the relationship in the face of a fun, yet stressful experience.

Thanks so much for the feedback! It was good fun creating this game (and a test of the strength of my own relationships)